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Did you know over 100,000 parents are part of the Parent Cue app?

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with YOUR families.

Parent Cue already provides parents with great things to do, say and think about. Now it's time to customize your messaging directly to YOUR families. With the Parent Cue App, we make it so easy!

Customize Curriculum - Customize each weeks curriculum to fit your church! You can adjust the Orange Curriculum (change to a different bible version) or enter your own curriculum!

Customize Messaging - Send messages to your families about upcoming events or things they need to know. You can even break it down by department!

Family Roster - You'll be able to see which families are connected with you through the app so you can personally tailor your messaging.

Here’s what volunteers are saying

Mom and Grandma

“As a Family Ministry Pastor and a grandparent of six, can I just say I love this app?! Our daughter uses it with her boys and has even started sharing it with the mommas at the playground.”

Dad of Three

“My boys aren’t always the most vocal when I ask them what they learned in church. So every Sunday afternoon, I open up the Parent Cue app, get updated on the lesson, and ask them questions that always leads to great spiritual discussions.”

Mom of 3

“My family loves the Parent Cue App! The countdown reminds us how many weeks we have left with our three girls in our home. It inspires us to do more with the time we have now!”

How Parent Cue App Customization Works

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As an Organizational Admin, you can customize every part of your curriculum and even change the order of lessons for your students.


You don't have to be an app expert! We make it easy to customize, push send and get great content parents can actually use right at their fingertips!

Customize your Parent Cue Content With Ease
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